Frequently Asked Questions Here at BETTER ROOFING USA INC.
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Here at BETTER ROOFING USA INC., we often get asked some important questions by customers who have never had to use a roofing contractor. Hopefully you will find one of the following FAQs helpful!

How do I file a storm damage claim with my insurance agency?

Insurance companies know that the responsibility in proving loss is on the home or business owner. Therefore, it makes sense to hire a reputable roofing contractor prior to having your insurance company come out to inspect your roof for damage. With a contract in place for us to work with insurance proceeds we can negotiate with your insurance adjuster on your behalf. Our contractors will meet with your insurance adjuster and make sure that any and all applicable damage is noted in the estimate.

Do insurance companies have a material requirement for claims?

Your roofing contractor should be able to work with the insurance adjuster to deliver a finished product that meets or exceeds the current material on your home or business. Sometimes other repairs are needed (during storm damage, for example) and a well-trained roofing contractor will be able to spot these needs and submit them to your insurance agency. At the end of the day, your replacement roof should be the same or better quality than the old one that came off.

What kind of costs am I looking at?

A roofing contractor typically submits an estimate to the insurance agency for the materials and labor needed to properly repair your roof. A company who is after the best possible material for their clients will submit that estimate and the insurance company pays them. Your costs will only be the deductible that you pay.

How much money do I need to have up front to start my repairs?

We don't require that you give us a deposit. Payments are needed after certain milestones in the work process and your insurance agency writes their check to you for the repairs.

How can I choose a reputable roofing contractor?

Once your insurance agency decides that your claim is valid, they typically cut you a check. We recommend calling multiple roofing contractors and getting various quotes. Also, check online for their reviews and even the Better Business Bureau to help verify that they are a good fit.

What do I do if someone offers me a lower bid?

As always, check the fine print and make sure that the company has good reviews. Substandard materials and lengthy or non-existent repairs are some of the biggest complaints in our industry. We recommend that thorough research be done before choosing a roofing contractor.